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Yoga has helped me overcome my health problems and I hope that you will come to know some of the great benefits of yoga. Whatever your reasons for wanting to take up a yoga practice-health concerns, the need for relaxation in your life to relieve stress, the need to stretch and get more flexible to compliment sporting activities, I hope you will find what you need here. If you would like to know more about why I came to yoga there is an 'About Me' section on this blog.

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Ayurveda Morning Routine

Ayurveda, yoga's sister science can offer a great deal of advice about our morning routine. 

When you wake it is recommended that you scrape your tongue to remove the coating which contain ama, toxins which are the underlying cause of many health issues.  It also means that your food will taste so much better and you will not need to enhance the flavours of your food with sugars and salt. 

Another Ayurveda recommendation is to drink the juice of half a lemon in warm water first thing to light the digestive fire in preparation for breakfast.  

A massage using warm oils is ideal before you take your morning bath.  Vatas should use sesame oil, pittas sunflower or coconut oil and kaphas sesame or almond oils.   Add a few drops of essential oil if you wish - ginger, cardamon or orange are good for vatas, sandlewood or lavender for pittas, eucalyptus, rosemary or sage for kaphas. Use long strokes for your arms and legs, circular movements fr your joints.  Massage your tummy in a circular motion - up the right side, down the left. PLEASE NOTE - do not self-massage if you are pregnant, menstruating or have any medical problems (check with your doctor).

If you can, leave the oils to soak in for 10 minutes before taking a bath (care you do not slip). Pittas should have a bath in cool water, vatas warm and kaphas warmer still. Splash your face and eyes with cold water. Use natural products - remember your skin absorbs any chemicals you put on it.  

If you practice yoga and meditation before sunrise when vata energy dominates is good.  It is also a quiet time for meditation.  Please see my blog post and yoga video, 'Yoga for real life-Morning yoga'-

Follow your yoga practice with a light meal for breakfast. Check out these 'Dessert Breakfasts' on my 'sister' blog for inspiration-   Your digestive fire is strongest at lunchtime when pitta energy dominates so take your main meal then.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Yoga for real life - morning yoga

Please click on the video below to watch, 'Yoga for real life - morning yoga' on my YouTube Channel.

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In this new series, 'Yoga for real life', we look at how yoga can fit in with your daily routine. We start with a morning practice to energise us for the day.

Before sunrise is the ideal time to practice yoga.  At this time vata energy is dominant, but later kapha energy dominates which  can make you feel sluggish. Early morning is also a quieter time of day which makes it easier to meditate.   It is best to practice before breakfast.

Idealy your morning yoga practice will release any overnight stiffness, energize you for the day ahead, make you mentally alert and light up your digestive fire.  Sun Salutations are ideal - they boost circulation, work all the muscles and joints, and benefit to the respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system and endocrine system. It is also important to start the day with a positive outlook - it really does make a difference to how your day goes. Try it!!

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

This week on 40plusandalliswell

Buckwheat noodles are a source of fibre helping you feel full for longer. The recipe below is also packed with protein from the tofu and so this makes a very satisfying meal that can be quickly made.
Here in East Yorkshire we are doing really well for warm sunny days at the moment. On days like these a cooling 'nice' cream is just the ticket. 
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I believe that inflammation underlies many degenerative diseases including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer as well as accelerating aging.

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Superhero- A yoga adventure

Note to mums and dads, grandmas and grandads.  This adventure is another opportunity to dress up and have fun while getting all the benefits of yoga.  

My name is Asana woman and I patrol the city streets making sure good triumphs over evil. What will be your superhero name? When I am not being a superhero, I teach yoga and nobody knows that secretly I am a superhero.  

Let's pretend that one day you were soaring high in the sky checking all was alright in the streets below (Warrior 3) - from standing take your weight into your right leg.  Breathe in and stretch your arms out at shoulder height, breathe out and lean forward as you lift your left leg. Breathe in and come back to upright and try flying with your right leg lifted. 
Imagine the city far below.  You are higher than the skyscrapers.  Can you be a skyscaper - stand with your feet a little wider than your hips.  Breathe in and circle your arms up, palms together. 
Now you are circling over the city park (Locust pose). Come down onto your tummy with your arms down by your sides, your forehead on the mat. Breathe in and lift your arms, legs, head and chest as if you are flying. Breathe out when you get tired to lower.
Suddenly there is a cry for help (Goddess squat) - stand with your feet wide, your toes turned out. Bring your arms up level with your shoulders and bend your elbows so that your palms face forward.  Breathe out and bend your knees. Can you do a distressed face?
Time to dive down to see if you can help (Warrior variation) - step your left foot back, turning your left toes out. Breathe in and bend your front knee, breathe out extend your arms out, palms together.  Point your fingers down and lower your head.  

Now what seems to be the problem.  Ah a cat is stuck up the tallest tree in the park (Cat pose)- come onto all fours, breathe in lift your head and chest, breathe out arch your back and meow like a cat stuck up a tree.  
What frightened him? 

Can you be as tall as the tree?  Take your weight into your right leg.  Find something to gaze at - a spot that is not moving.  Take your left foot to your right ankle, right shin or bend your right leg, take hold of your left foot and bring it to your right thigh.  Breathe in and lift your arms (branches) up.  

Oh no, your arch enemy is trying to stop you rescuing the cat.  What is your arch enemy's name? What is he like? Prepare to do battle! (Warrior 2) - stand  with your feet wide.  Turn your right leg to the right and the toes of the left foot in. Breathe in, stretch your arms out at shoulder height, lift your chest, breathe out bend your right knee, turn to look down the fingers of your right hand.  To do battle with your arch enemy on your other side, breathe in straighten the right knee, breathe out bring your hands to your heart, turn your feet to face forward  then repeat second side.  
That's sorted him out!

Result- one happy cat! (Cat pose) - come onto all fours, breathe in, lift your head and chest and make a happy meow sound.
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Janet x

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Protecting your wrists in yoga poses - stretch and strengthen

Please note the advice below is not intended for people with wrist inflammation, wrist injury etc. - consult your doctor.

The wrist is a particularly vulnerable area. It is one of the most commonly broken bones in the body.  After 40 years of age, women are more at risk of a broken wrist than men. I broke a wrist two years although considering the severity of the fall (while out walking), the break was small.  

Wrist strain is also often a problem for people new to yoga who can often be seen rotating their wrists after such poses as Cat/Cow or Downward Facing Dog.  Our everyday activities do not usually require us to hold our wrists in full extension, that is at 90 degrees to our arm.  It is not surprising then that when you first start yoga, the ligaments and tendons in your wrist are going to protest in weight bearing poses such as Plank or Downward Facing Dog,and other poses which strengthen the wrist. But wrist flexibility combined with strength gained through weight bearing poses is important in order to avoid injury.

If your wrists are really uncomfortable below are some of the ways you can modify yoga poses to be more comfortable.

Cat/Cow - instead of placing your flat hand on the mat, make fists or come down onto your forearms.

Downward Facing Dog - the problem here may be that your weight is concentrated on the heel and little finger side of your hand. To correct this tendency, take your weight into your knuckles, where your fingers meet your palms and press down with your thumb and first finger. You can also practice a similar pose with your forearms down.

Plank pose - you can build up strength in your wrist with this pose by practicing it initially with your knees down and your hands forwards of your shoulders. If this is too much for your wrists try doing a forearm plank instead. Lie on your tummy with your arms extended.  Slide your elbows back until they are under your shoulders.  Breathe in tuck your toes and lift your hips.  To come out of the pose breathe in drop your knees, breathe out and take a Child's Pose.

To stretch and strengthen your wrists try the following exercises:-

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position or in a chair with your hands in prayer mudra at your heart.  Slowly move your hands down as far as you can without strain and while still keeping the heels of the hands together.  

Extend your right arm and with the left hand draw the fingers of the right hand back then press the top of your hand down.  Repeat with the left hand.

Come onto all fours with your fingers pointing back towards you.  Slowly move your bottom back towards your heels until you feel a stretch on your wrists.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Yoga to help heal after a tough time - moving from darkness to light

Please click on the video below to watch, 'Yoga to help heal after a tough time - moving from darkness to light' -', on my YouTube Channel.

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You may not be there yet, there are no time limits on grief for instance, but eventually through sustained yoga practice and meditation you will heal. Eventually you will reach a stage where you will keep the love and lessons from the tough time that you have lived through and move forward with love.

Our video this week begins by sitting with the Lotus mudra.  The Lotus flower grows in the mud, a beautiful flower emerging from the darkness. The Lotus mudra is also one in which the hands are held wide open, symbolic of being open to guidance from the universe, the divine or higher force of nature. We start the asana practice with Dying Warrior symbolising we are ready now to let go of the darkness we have lived through and as we come out of the pose, emerge into the light.  Continuing with the intention of being open to receive guidance from the universe, the divine or the higher force of nature, we practice opening poses always remembering that we need to move forward with love in our hearts and not become hardened by our experiences.  I have included Tree pose because as you move forward you may need support and I thought of all the life that the tree supports - squirrels, birds, insects, lichen, algae and fungi. 

We practice Breath of Joy and Happy Baby to remind ourselves that we will feel joy and happiness once more and we end with a meditation on the lotus flower.

Janet x