Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Qualities cultivated by yoga - non-attachment

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Firstly let's be clear - non-attachment does not mean you should not be attached to your family and friends, love the place you live etc. In fact our attachments to other people, especially as children, are necessary for us to flourish. 

What non-attachment does mean is not being attached to a certain outcome for your actions which in yoga is a cause for suffering.  Non-attachment means letting go of control and being in the moment.  In our yoga practice we might work towards a certain pose but our practice should be like a journey we can enjoy and whether we reach the final destination does not matter. All that matters is that we benefit physically, mentally and spiritually from the practice. One of the ways we can cultivate non-attachment is through svadhyaya, self study which creates an awareness of whether you are clinging to a certain outcome, trying to control others etc. We can also cultivate gratitude for what we have.  

In our practice this week we work towards variations of a seated twist, and practice being happy with the variation that suits our bodies, which is of course the one that will be of most benefit to us. In time another variation may suit us better but be in the now. The meditation is one developed from my love of nature.

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